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Find out how we exceed expectations with top-line solutions, quality deliverables and unmatched service.


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Twitch - there are several social media platforms. Do you know which platform is best for your business? Do you understand which is best for reaching your target audience? We can help not only design and plan posts, but we strategize the best and most effective way to make social media connect with your bottom line. We want to increase brand awareness, engage your followers and lead them back to your business website for sales. 



Selling a small or large amount of apparel, liquids, candles or other consumer goods? We've got you and your products covered. We can implement, price, and even mockup your products for the best presentation to your visitors. Do you know which sellers platform is best for your type of goods? We can help with that too!


If you're looking to develop a completely new website your business, look no further. We leverage custom designs, banner graphics, and professional imagery to make your website stand out. Not only do we design your website to our standards, but we work with you to be sure you and your visitors have a good experience. All of our website are designed to be desktop and mobile friendly and respond to several types of devices. 

Plus, we don't stop there! Need your website to be found and rank on Google? We provide robust SEO implementation to be sure Google trusts your website and begins to push it out to the world!


Have an existing website that you're looking to refresh? We can take what you've got and turn it into something great. Check with us about our custom redesigned options that are guarenteed to make you wish you started here in the first place!


Branded by Eb's monthly pricing structure allows your company to budget the cost of services, and/or routine updates into one flat monthly rate. There are no hidden fees, overblown budgets, or unexpected costs. You know exactly what to expect each and every month. Offering this type of plan allows you to get exactly what you deserve without worrying about exceeding your budget.

Since we are now offering services in more manageable monthly payments, in most cases, we require a 3 or 6-month contract to cover the full cost of your service. After that time period, you can continue on a month-to-month plan for ongoing maintenance/services and cancel at any time.


What can you do with your customer data? Consistently hit their inbox with information on new products, promotions or just general news. From comprehensive newsletters to high-level one-off marketing sends, email marketing is a great way to stay relevant. Whether you are a small business with a MailChimp account or you'd like to set up automated enterprise level sends, we can help design, code, write and deploy your campaigns. 


Based in the Twin Cities but providing services nationally, Branded by Eb LLC works with owners, visionaries and stakeholders to perfect the marketing aspect of their business. With experience in social media management, email marketing campaigns, SEO and more, the boutique firm knows how to leverage your creative wants and turn them into unmatched deliverables.