KidSpiration Learning Inc. is a full service learning center that offers tutoring services for a wide range of academic subjects including Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. We offer private and group sessions, not to exceed six students, for instruction. Private sessions offer intense individual assistance, but group sessions can also be beneficial with the use of a team-based approach.


Logo Development

Branded by Eb developed the KidSpiration logo along with a submark. Through the use of a standard font, simple imagery and bright colors, the logo represents the "bright" future of children through education. 

Web Design 

The KidSpiration Learning website was created to be simple  yet informational. Using professional photography and bright vivid colors to remain "on brand" with the logo, the KidSpiration website came together through with just under 6 webpages. This website was created using Wix to support widget integrations such as booking, and a calendar of events.