Family is a Village serves as a resource to individuals looking to build positive family cycles for generations to come!

Their village provides social-emotional support for everyone with opportunities to connect with other like-minded individuals, educators, parents, and researchers. Family is a Village offers extended services from advisors or counselors specific to your needs and develop a plan to foster positive growth within your household.


The Family is a Village website was designed with parents in mind. The website is user friendly with relative imagery and soft colors to catering to a soft, warm and family feel. The website also features a membership portal with VIP tools for parents and educators who set up a subscription. It also features a checkout option for those looking for "take-home" guides and activities. 

Website Mockup.png


The Family is a Village logo features a fitting "tree" symbol with leaves representing family and the tree is contained in a circle to represent the circle of influence in a child's life. Just as leaves grow and develop onto a tree, a child does the same with his or her parents or guardians.