Good Drank Juice Co. offers fresh pressed juices to anyone looking to fill a healthy "void" in their life. Made with all natural ingredients, Good Drank features signature and seasonally flavored juice blends such as Celery Ginger Lemon · Grapefruit Orange · Carrot Orange and Green Apple Kale Pineapple.



Branded by Eb developed Good Drank Juice Co.'s Instagram presence. The focus on Instagram is aesthetics which emphasizes bright colors. Video content and the grid is leveraged heavily on Instagram separating pictures and spreading them out into 3 sections. Highlight covers were also designed and implementing to spell out "DRANK" and each features recipes, juice flavors, and healthy juicing tips. 


The Good Drank Juice Co. website was created to be exceptionally user-friendly. Branded by Eb implemented bright colors and imagery to match the vibrant juice colors. The website also features an easy to use online ordering system for customers locally or those spread amongst various states.

Web Mockup.png
grapefruit orange2.png


Product imagery is key to getting customers to see first-hand exactly what they will receive when they place an order. This bottle of "Grapefruit Orange" juice was mocked up to mimic the actual bottle size and the label was designed and created to be unique and tagged with the slogan "fresh pressed juice" for first line of sight. 


Good Drank Juice Co. needed a 30 sec video created to further capture the attention of customers. This video uses bright colors to match the bright, vibrant energy provided with every juice. The ad flashes through several key juice flavors and promotes the business website for more information and to place an order.