Skin By Duval is a modern skin care studio located in West Palm Beach, FL. At Skin by Duval our aim is to provide desired results through various treatments. We specialize in corrective skin care and full body wax. We specialize in treating all skin types and colors. Our licensed and trained professionals are happy to consult and educate our clients and customers on how they can achieve desired skin care goals, whether it be through treatment or at home care.

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Content Marketing

Branded by Eb developed Skin by Duval's marketing brochure. The focus for the brochure was to provide customers with essential information without being cluttered or overwhelming.  The two-sided brochure is user-friendly regarding the folds and print lines and provides font big enough to read with ease. 

Web Design 

The Skin by Duval website was crafted to make each visitor feel beautiful and luxurious. Branded by Eb designed the website using soft colors, and vivid imagery catering to the experience Skin by Duval services provide. This website was created using Shopify to support the many products sold online and in-store by the brand.

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Email Marketing

Branded by Eb used email marketing to communicate events and important news with Skin by Duval clients. The newsletter was sent to inform customers of shop updates, special promotions and other essential information. The Skin by Duval standalone email informed clients of a Valentine's Day event, showcasing shop renovations. The email CTA was imperative for this campaign soliciting RSVP's.