Prodigy Sports Performance provides custom sports, speed and skill training for youth athletes while maximizing personal development. Professional sport coaches assess each athlete and achieve improvement by building on technique, form and mechanics. Custom training programs are designed to give student-athletes the most relevant training experience for their specific sport and position. Prodigy Sports Performance seeks to build a community of exceptional athletes developed by trusted coaches and mentors, and provide them with the essential skills they need to thrive – in athletics and in life.



Branded by Eb developed Prodigy Sports Performance's Facebook and Instagram presence. The focus on Instagram is aesthetics which emphasizes their key brand color, purple, used in every other post. Video content is leveraged heavily on both platforms as the target demographic would be most interested in the action that surrounds athletics and sports. Posts are promoted on a regular basis to drive awareness and engagement.


The Prodigy Sports Performance website has seen consistent traffic since its conception. Branded by Eb not only designed the website but continuously maintains it. We use the marketing strategy of promoted social media posts to drive traffic and increase brand awareness.

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Prodigy Sports Performance's athletic apparel collection was brought to life with unique design and photography for showcasing. From hoodies to children's t-shirts and accessories Branded by Eb worked with Prodigy to develop apparel that would cater to their target audience - children, teens and their parents. Once design and photographs were complete, each product was implemented to the website and made available for online purchase. 


The Prodigy Sports Performance logo is a simple text-based logo and can be with or without the icon/monogram symbol. Branded by Eb developed a clean logo that can be used for various purposes including collateral, clothing, and signage without sacrificing integrity.